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The city of Larissa has a history of 8000 years, with two ancient theaters within its urban structure, while it also has an important cultural history and a number of museums. Larissa is a very youthful and vibrant city, with many cafes, restaurants and taverns, situated, by the most part, in the pedestrian area of the city‘s centre.

Apart from the city‘s cultural activities and events you will be able to enjoy a number of sports activities, such as Canyoning, trekking and hiking but also sites definitely worth adding to your bucket list.


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Divani Palace Larissa - Experience - Ancient Theater

Larissa’s historical city center

Larissa’s busy and lively historical center is composed of an intricate network of pedestrian streets offering an array of shops, restaurants and cafés.

Take the time to stroll around these charming streets and soak in the atmosphere.

This old part of the town is also home to interesting museums such as the Archaeological Museum, the Historical and Folk Art Museum, local art gallery and the ancient Macedonian theater.

Divani Palace Larissa - Experience - Mount Olympus

Olympus Mountain and Platamon Castle

The Olympus National Park is just 60 kilometres away from the Divani Palace in Larissa.

It is home to the mythical Mount Olympus, famous in Greek mythology and the highest mountain in Greece.

Platamon is a small and charming seaside resort with a wonderful sandy beach.

The city houses a well-preserved Byzantine castle built during the times of the crusades.

Divani Palace Larissa - Experience - Mount Pelion

Mount Pelion

Located 70 km away from Larissa, the small picturesque villages of Mont Pelion are well worth a day trip.

Starting from the beautiful seaport of Volos embark on a journey filled with history, spectacular panoramas and delightful village squares.

There, you can enjoy delicious Greek specialties in the shade of ancient sycamores.

Divani Palace Larissa - Experience -Meteora Monasteries

Religious rock of Meteora

The religious rocks of Meteora lie just 80 km away from the Divani Palace Larissa.

This unique site, home to 6 monasteries built on natural rock pillars, offers truly unique landscapes with impressive rock formations and breathtaking vistas.

Enjoy an amazing day out with all the family hiking, rock climbing and photo taking in this magical and unspoiled part of central Greece.